The foundation and walls are up - can you help us complete this life-changing community center? image

The foundation and walls are up - can you help us complete this life-changing community center?

School and medical care is out of reach for many indigenous Guatemalans - help us provide this and so much more to this community!


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Help Indigenous Children and Families Stay and Create Futures in their own Beautiful Country!

The bricks were donated and delivered in 2019, the foundations was poured in 2020, and the construction is no 85% complete in Solola! We are almost all the way there for funding to complete this life changing project! The positive change from this project has already touched so many families! It has provided skilled on the job training for youth and adults, classes for children that is happening outside, purchase of local building supplies, hiring of teachers, college students, local engineers and contractors... all uplifting the economy and peoples lives

The workers are so dedicated and doing the best job because they are being paid well, learning new skills, and improving the lives for themselves and their families. It is truly a community supported project!

Your donation will go directly towards outfitting the building with plumbing, electricity, fixtures and furniture! Right away! This project is so much more than just this building. It is part of a multi-faceted community building, economic development based program with a parallel focus on preservation of indigenous arts, culture and native land.

It will house a clinic, library, classrooms and protective housing for children in need.

We just spoke to Pedro and found out how close they are to finishing it! Can you help us by investing in those who have not grown up with the same circumstances we have? Things like, public school, water, electricity, shoes, and toothbrushes. The goal is to invest in communities and the children and families that can thrive there with the earned assistance in the form of education, skills training, psychological and medical support and not have them driven to desperate and dangerous migration.

For adults, the assistance is earned, either by interning, keeping their children in school, or with jobs in the community. This is not a program of donations without accountability, and the entire community is dedicated to helping the next person. The children are dedicated to helping the next child that takes their place as they rise up. It is amazing! Be a part of it :)

Presently this project is creating opportunities for locals to learn new skills in the construction industry and gain future employment while helping in their own community! There are local young adults training at Fatima's existing program in the city to become future child care and child development specialists to work here when they return back to their village. They are hiring local vendors for supplying all the materials and creating relationships with the families, shop owners and the children and families of the region. With education and training at the core, it is so inspiring. Experiencing this when our volunteering tourism trip visited the site was so uplifting and we really want to help them succeed in their life-changing programs.

Guatemala Aid fund looked beyond the challenges of the difficult landscape, they listened to the Guatemalan directors that know what is best for their communities, most effective, cost efficient, respectful to children, families and communities, and truly helpful in the long run. GAF supports sustainable programs that create positive change, not just maintenance of the existing issues. We are strong advocates for continual education as well as preservation and protection of the native environment and culture. We are deeply humbled and privileged to be part of these amazing Guatemalan run programs that unite and uplift communities.

As we know from our years working with Fatima and the Association to Eradicate Poverty... their work is based on dignity and love, with education at the core. Your generosity is literally helping to save lives, and allow others to create lives and real futures in their own beautiful country of Guatemala, and not be driven to leave out of desperation.

Thank you for your support!

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