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Help Guatemalans Create Futures in their Own Beloved Country

Extraordinary Returns on Your Investment in Education, Job Creation, Child Protection and Indigenous Land and Cultural Preservation

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Amazing Community Supported Center Creating Jobs, Helping Children, Families and the Indigenous Community

If you are like us at the 100% Volunteer GAF Organization, we feel that we have been blessed with a life that includes a home, access to school, clean water and opportunities for work and a self supporting future. We have seen firsthand in Guatemala that most, if not all of these things are out of reach for much of the indigenous and general population.. Being the 4th poorest country in the world, with severe malnutrition of greater than 50 percent of the indigenous children and minimal opportunities for education and employment, Guatemalans are resorting to desperate and dangerous migration to survive. Most, if not all, do NOT want to leave their families, and the land they love, but they do not have access to opportunities to change their futures, and many cannot provide basic needs for themselves or their families. They want an education, they want jobs, they want to stay. The community run programs we support permanently change lives. They result in employment and self sufficiency, often in their own Village, it is amazing!

GAF has chosen to support the the Association to Eradicate Poverty and Fatima's education, family support and outreach programs in Solola and Guatemala City. The rural community Center will include a medical clinic, library, classrooms, parent training programs, agricultural programs, malnutrition prevention and school drop out programs and more. They are committed to supporting long term education for children and adults in the community and local rural schools. The local Guatemalans must invest in their future through work and education to receive educational assistance and support. This is not a hand out to perpetuate existing conditions. It requires commitment by children and adults. This is why it is so successful in creating permanent change.
The Center and Associated Small Clinic are almost complete - can you help us support them?

This amazing project invests not only in education, job training, and employment, but also includes psychological and medical support for the entire community, and the very successful parental training courses that are currently held to far away in Guatemala City

The Solola Community Center and School Project currently has plans for a clean water well source (for which we are fundraising) as well as a future organic farm, eco-cabins for sustainable income sources, and a huge goal to raise money to purchase and forever preserve threatened native land that includes three indigenous ceremonial sites, native wildlife and forest habitat.

Thank you for being a part of this positive change in the world!

We look at your donations as investments in futures for Guatemalans, as well as protection of their land, culture and people. Just like a scholarship you are passing your great fortune on to others that need funding to help secure a future in their own country.

See the multi-phase project and existing successful programs on our webpage

Thank you for considering these Guatemalan Run programs that change lives for generations for your Charitable Giving!